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How a unique wedding cake is created

Whatever the style of the wedding party is, have you ever been to any here in Ireland that did not have a cake? The presence of a special cake is very important at weddings. More than sweetening the guest, bride and groom, they tell a story!

The wedding cake creation should capture the personality of the couples, reflect their preferences, make people remember them when eating, and complete the decor and menu beautifully.

For the cake to fulfil its role, there is a whole creative process behind the scenes. The creation of a unique wedding cake for each party begins at being up to date in market trends, meeting the couple, and knowing its preferences. After that, an artistic project takes place.

Understand the steps of a wedding cake creation and choose the perfect cake for you.

What are the steps in wedding cake creation?

When customers get in touch, we ask them to send us some details such as the number of guests, venue, date, colour theme / floral theme or design ideas. Any photos they might have of other designs or our previous designs that they’d like to use for a starting point.

Once we have these, we arrange a consultation where we go through smaller details and exchange ideas. Our cake designer draws a quick sketch and note down all the information.

After the meeting, we send them a detailed email with what we’ve discussed, and we also send one or two professional sketches to help them visualise their cake. At this point, any touch is welcome.

So, we finalise the design and flavour for each tier.

Naked cake with fres flowers

White frosting 4 tier wedding cake with natural flowers

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What influence the decor have on the wedding cake creation?

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Some couples have a general style as in the go for rustic, simple, elegant, modern look… Some include gold or silver in their decor and want to have it on their cake. Some of them want to reflect the colour of the bridesmaids’ dresses or use similar flowers on the cake as what they use for decor.

There are many possibilities!

Wedding table setting

What was the most unusual cake you’ve ever made?

We once designed a Game of Thrones themed wedding cake for a photo shoot. We were given a very generic idea and had no knowledge of Game of Thrones whatsoever. So, it was challenging to figure out what would look best. In the end, the cake worked out nicely.

wedding cake inspired GOT

Classic or original, vintage or modern, luxurious or rustic, from a movie, a magazine or a dream… whatever your desire is, let’s talk about it and create a unique wedding cake design for you.

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