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What Style Of Wedding Cake Should You Choose?

It seems like a simple task but deciding the style of your wedding cake can be challenging.
Here are some tips to make your decision a bit easier.


First, you have to decide the size, based on your guest list, to make sure you have enough for all the guests.

Our 2 tier wedding cake, for example, serves around 60 guests. While 3 tiers serve from 70 to 120, depending on the design.

Once the size is decided there are plenty of design options you can choose from.


You have to consider: what is the style of the wedding decoration? Is it more rustic, romantic, modern, elegant or luxurious?
The wedding cake should (most of the times) match the venue decoration and your wedding theme.

4 tiers of naked cake with fresh flowers

If you are going for a rustic theme, for example, naked and semi-naked cakes are a great combination.
You can even add extra rustic details with the wood plate at the bottom, fresh flowers, succulents or fresh fruits.

Gold and white cake in Dublin
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Now, if you are planning a decoration that shines why not adding gold to your cake?
It can be a whole tier painted in gold or just some elegant detail such as dripping, or marble with gold, gold sequin, gold leaf or even a golden throne as we’ve seen it used at the Megan and Harry’s wedding cake.

They are not only luxury cakes but also very romantic and definitely will make your decoration even more stunning.

Another option, if you are looking for something delicate but not totally white, is considering pastel colours. They fit perfectly on this theme.
Either sugar paste or buttercream can be in white or light colours and you can give it an extra touch with fresh flowers which can be matched with the venue and bouquet flowers.
It is beautiful, isn’t?

Blue, white and gold marble wedding cake

Finally, if you want something bit more unique, why not choose a black wedding cake?
Not only black but navy, marble or any other colour other than white. It will for sure be a surprise element to your big day.

Modern, classic, rustic, vintage and/or luxury… What style will be your wedding cake?
Want more inspiration? View here our wedding cake gallery