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How to choose a perfect wedding cake table

A wedding cake table is one of the most important features of the party! It should please the bride, the groom and the guests, leaving that feeling that we ended the celebration greatly. In addition to being important elements for decoration.

Often, we have couples who are concerned about choosing the perfect wedding cake table. The questions go far beyond the flavours, which can be tested here in our tasting and consultation session.

Couples also ask us about design and quantity, what is the deadline to decide about the treats, how the wedding cake table will be set up etc…

That is why we have decided to write this post. We hope it is helpful!

Wedding table with cake and sweets

How many items should I order for my wedding?

Usually, it is estimated between 5 and 6 sweets per person. However, this amount may vary.

If the party is going to last many hours, for example, more sweets will be needed. If the celebration is during the day and ends early, you can order a little less. If the wedding cake table is placed next to the guests, they tend to eat more, making it run out faster.

In short, the tip is to think about the party as a whole to ensure that there will be no shortage or loss.

How to decide about the selection?

The ideal is to have different types and flavours, to please all tastes.

Don’t worry about having the same amount of each variety. During our consultation, our specialist will help you to identify your preferences, and will show you the most requested options, which tend to be successful among the guests.

The important thing, then, is to have a selection of cakes. You can choose between more refined and luxurious treats, such as macarons, cupcakes and mini cakes, as well as decorated cookies, cake pops and cake balls.

Within each item, you can also mix flavours. For example: ordering lemon curd and double chocolate cupcakes, and vanilla pop cakes, among the items that suit all palates.

wedding sweet table

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Which treats cannot be missing on my wedding cake table?

The most important thing is to have the bride and groom’s favorite treats! The celebration has to show the personality of the couple. And that is why sweet treats are personalized, both in terms of flavours and designs, that match with the decor.

If you are out of ideas, we will certainly provide you with some insights. If you have a defined style, let us know, so we can work on it.

Is it possible to personalise the wedding cake table?

It is possible! The bride and groom can choose shapes and colours, request special creations, use designs inspired by movies or pick the classic ones, such as floral or sprinkles… Anything can be done for the wedding to be perfect!

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A good idea is to opt for the bride and groom’s favourite sweet, the one that family and friends know they love.

When should I book this service?

Ideally, customers should contact us within 6 months in advance.

This period can guarantee our availability for the date of your event and give you more time to make decisions.

If you left it for the last hour, don’t give up. Get in touch, we will try to arrange it.

Do you deliver?

Sweet treats can be picked up at our store – in Marlay Park, Dublin D14 – or delivered by us to your venue.

We deliver in Dublin, Meath, Kildare, and surrounding area. Please contact us for a quote.

Who sets up the wedding cake table?

It is also your choice. The table can be set up by us or by whoever you decide is going to be in charge of that.

wedding sweet table

What are the precautions in handling cakes?

Ireland’s climate makes easier for cakes and treats to remain intact but care must be taken. When placing them indoors, make sure they are not close to heaters or fans. If your party is outdoor, make sure they are not under the sun or rain.

It is also important not to leave the cakes exposed for a long time so that they don’t get dirty or dry out. They should go to the table only when everything is ready.

I hope our tips have helped you. Do you still have any question? Contact us.

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