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Wedding cupcake: a must-have on your big day

Emma and Finn are getting married in three months. Preparations for the big day began more than a year ago, but now, when the date is knocking on the door, there’s still a lot to do.

Emma hasn’t found the ideal shoes yet, while Finn hasn’t even chosen what to wear. They also need to agree on the menu. At the weekend, they’ll decide where to go on their honeymoon. The list of ten possible destinations keeps growing.

If you identify yourself with Emma and Finn, you aren’t alone. Wedding planning may even start in advance, but sometimes the routine doesn’t allow us to dedicate our time for the preparations as much as we would like. One thing is certain: everything must be perfect!

The couple just left Miller Cake Studio. Our cake tasting was probably one of the most pleasurable moments in the entire saga for the dream wedding, they said. The choice was classic: lemon curd cake, contrary to the initial idea of ​​Finn, who is a chocolate fan. To compensate, we suggest our Double Chocolate wedding cupcake. In addition to satisfying the groom, the cupcakes will make the decoration even more elegant and surprise the guests.

wedding cupcake

Cupcakes’ origin

Seems to be no consensus on the origin of those small decorated cakes for individual consumption. According to some sources, the cupcakes as we know today were born in the US, in the 19th century. But they’d have been inspired by a little British cake called “Fairy Cakes”.

Regarding the origin of the name, there’re two hypotheses: some people say that the cupcakes were baked in kitchen utensils similar to cups, while others say that the ingredients used in the recipe were measured in cups.


Wedding cupcake

Whatever the cupcakes’ origin is, the fact is that they’ve become popular all over the world and also a must-have at special events as an elegant and versatile treat.

In Miller Cake Studio, they’re available in bite size (mini) and regular size.

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In addition to composing the decor with their colours and shapes, cupcakes are delicious and appreciated by everyone.

The flavours go from classic Vanilla, to Double Chocolate (chosen by Finn), including Chocolate and Vanilla, Raspberry, Lemon Curd, Tiramisu, Neopolitan, and Coconut and Raspberry.

Our wedding cupcakes, as well as our cakes, are entirely customized according to each client specification. You come with your ideas and let us create exclusive wedding cupcakes for your big day.

Just as each wedding is unique, so should their cupcakes be.

cake and cupcake wedding table

Miller Cake Studio cupcakes are baked with great love, care and joy, in addition to the finest ingredients. They look pretty on the outside and taste pretty amazing too!

As we know that the bride and groom have much more to worry about on their wedding day, we deliver to Dublin, Meath, Kildare and other locations. If you prefer, cupcakes can also be picked up at the studio. They are placed in special packaging to ensure that they’ll arrive in perfect condition if transported properly.

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